Women are of different types. They have different tastes. Some are interested in men who are handsome while some others like wealthy men regardless of their physical appearance.

A small percentage of women has interest in men who are not addicted to drinking and gambling. Some section of women is more interested in luxurious materials like cars, buildings, fashionable dresses, ornaments, etc. Still a small section of women are interested in men who are highly educated and well qualified.

But majority of the women likes men who have a regular income – be it from business or government jobs. Thus women select their husband according to their taste.

Now coming to what makes a woman respect a man, it depends on certain factors. It is not directly proportionate to the above mentioned things which women are interested.

Though a woman likes a handsome man, she won’t pay much respect to him if he is not a wealthy man. Again, a woman will not respect a man, even though he is rich, if he is foolish and stupid man.

She respects a wise and smart man. A wise and smart will not be respected if does not have self-respect. There is no room for respect in a woman for a man who is not hard working.
She respects hard working man. Thus a man can respect of a woman with the following means:

(a) First of all, he should be a responsible man for a woman regards a man who understands her and her problems. If he can solve the problem whenever a problem arises, women will highly appreciate him. A woman never likes a man who used to avoid his responsibility.
(b) Secondly, a man should extend his hands in the household activities of the woman. Sometimes, women feel exhausting in performing household activities. In such timing, if he joins her and help her in doing the household work, she would be grateful to him. Thus sometimes she needs him to help her in daily household activities.

(c) Thirdly, a man should learn to praise and edify women. Human beings are happy when they are praised. Women are no exception. They too like to be praised. They never respect a man who does not praise them.
(d) Fourthly, a man also should learn to give quality time to women. Women respect a man who spares quality time with them. Men should spend at least thirty minutes a day with their women discussing their future course of action. When there is no such conversation between man and woman, disharmony floats in the famiy.
(e) Fifthly, men should form a habit of presenting gifts to women for they have high respect for men who present them gifts.

(f) Moreover, a woman wants her man to assure and provide her love and security. As generally a woman is dependent on man, men should be able give them complete safety from all kinds of danger. He also should be able to support her financial requirements. If he cannot do these, he will not have any respect from a woman.
This is what I believe makes women respect us men.

Self-respect and self-love. You can only be respected and loved by others if you love and respect yourself. This means that you are assertive and speak up when someone hurts your feelings or did you wrong, take good care of your health, mind, body and soul, your relationships and your feelings and that you accept yourself for who and what you are.
Personal boundaries. Only mature and high-value men have boundaries because it takes balls and courage to assert them. Those who do not have them are usually either ‘nice guys’ or ’pushovers’ who are often being taken advantage of or manipulated. When you show boundaries, the high quality women that are worth your time will find you infinitely more attractive while the low-quality, manipulative, toxic and insecure ones will find you less attractive and lose interest because they can’t break the shield of your standards. Those kind of women often manipulate men either subconsciously or consciously.
Self-care. A man who has his shit together and takes good care of himself is the kind of man most women want and respect. Your girlfriend or the girl you want to be your girlfriend cannot really respect you if you let yourself go and slack off in your parents’ house. You don’t have to be this macho or ‘chad’ type of guy who hits the gym 5 times a week (although it certainly improves your health and overall well-being). Just following your passions, being in good shape and healthy, practicing basic hygiene and being confident in yourself is often enough.
Not having a victim mentality. Men who have this mentality usually blame the world and other people for their problems rather than looking at themselves. They use sentences like: ‘This girl is such a mean b’tch because she rejected me’ or ‘it’s the fault of fast-food companies that I am so fat!’. To get out of this mentality, you have to deeply examine yourself and be willing to leave your ego behind. Then you can stop being a victim and start becoming a man women respect.
Stability. From what I have learned so far, most women want and respect a man who can offer them stability. Not just financial or material but also inner stability because this kind of man has the potential of being a long-term or maybe even permanent partner, since he offers security. As a man it is 100% okay to express the feelings you have for your girlfriend, just don’t do it in a needy manner as in that you need her validation and assurance that she loves you back in order to feel a certain way or that you start to shower her in flowers after the first time you had sex. Just stay calm, relax, live in the present moment and be confident in yourself.
Empathy. Being able to relate to others’ emotions and feelings makes you a respectable man to women because you are able to read them accurately and give them what they need in a relationship.

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