Amanda Sommer, 27, quit her job as a member of cabin crew for RyanAir last year and turned to OnlyFans, a content subscription platform where she now makes £15,000 a month.

But while she’s raking in some serious dough, Sommer admits there’s one aspect of her life that’s not been quite so successful.

Speaking to The Sun, she explained that dating can be difficult as people often become ‘upset’ when they find out what she does for a living.

Credit: Twitter/@klaudia_ukCredit: Twitter/@klaudia_uk

Sommer, from Hartlepool, said: “It keeps happening – guys I get with just keep finding out and also get upset that I lied to them about what I do, but if I was upfront with them they would want nothing to do with me.”

Sommer, who shares content under the handle @klaudia_uk, said the issue often leaves her feeling lonely, but feels hopeful that she’ll one day be able to meet someone ‘the old fashioned way’ – saying her dream man would be a billionaire like Elon Musk or Bill Gates.

She added: “I’m very frustrated because I just can’t seem to hold down a boyfriend at all because of this. I just think guys should be more open-minded. It’s not fair.”


“This job has made me be very closed off to society because if you do this job then you work from home every day and you don’t meet colleagues,” she said.

Credit: Twitter/@klaudia_ukCredit: Twitter/@klaudia_uk

“So since I have done this I have suffered from loneliness and things. I have worked hard for one year but I haven’t had a chance to actually enjoy the money a bit, apart from my dog that I bought so I really would like someone who is adventurous and where I won’t be stuck inside. Someone who likes to go on holidays and stuff.”

Sommer said she feels ‘fed up’ about being ‘single for a long time’, and believes men keep ditching her due to jealousy.

When asked why she thinks it keeps happening, she told the outlet: “One, because it’s controversial and if I tell them upfront they sometimes get jealous I think because I earn more money than them and they don’t like. I think that is a big reason as well, rather than then getting jealous of me talking to other guys.”

On the other hand, another OnlyFans creator recently revealed that her boyfriend not only supports her endeavours, but also helps her promote her page.

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