I daresay if you ask any girl this question, the first thing that’s going to come out of her mouth is “With respect.” Which immediately will make any guy wonder about all the relationships they see where girls are hanging on to guys that treat them like shit.

Women should be treated with the same fairness as a man. It’s unfair to limit someones ability to do something based on gender because I cannot say it enough, women can do just what a man can do.

It is undeniable that there are physical differences, but it does not mean or say that women are weak or fragile, because it’s possible for a man not to be strong, and it is possible for a woman to be a strong.


Understand the difficulties women go through of everyday life and what you can do to make it better by looking at things from their perspective. Even if you cannot fully understand why things are the way they are or how it feels, but try your best and don’t let your female companions down. For women to excel in life, they cannot only rely on themselves, but all the men in the world too for everyone to do their part.

women love to be courted…treated like we’re someone very, very special. Flowers are always nice, +genuine compliments always treasured.’ There is only one of each of us and we’re thirsty for appreciation, compliments, thanks, etc.



We welcome any kind of assistance with cleaning, yard work, and any kind of help that allows us to relax, laugh hard, and still get everything done in a timely manner for our teacher’s expectations.

How to resolve this conundrum? I’ve known a lot of girls that got trapped in crappy relationships. The thing that strikes me about all of them is that the girl didn’t know what she was getting herself into, when she took up with a guy.


Most guys have this undercurrent of ugly, nasty thoughts that come up whenever they’re feeling jealous or defensive. Ladies don’t deserve it, but the guy can’t help himself. Nick Jonas put it best in his song Jealous. “It’s my right to be hellish, I still get jealous!” It’s not his right.

I really think that for a healthy relationship to be possible between two people, at least one of them needs to be trained in a therapeutic mindset. This is the “bigger person” of the relationship and knows how to handle negative feelings, whether they’re coming from themselves or the other person. Or one of them must have access to somebody who can coach them through rough patches.

Otherwise every relationship seems to devolve into a downward spiral of jealousy being pushed onto the other person, who probably didn’t deserve it, the partner doesn’t know how to handle it, and it just gets worse and worse until they break up.

Women must not put men on a pedestal first with great expectations and then start finding faults. Women must learn to treat men as equals who are also susceptible to make mistakes. So, women must not get unduly disturbed and create a scene for silly mistakes.

Treat men the same way you want to be treated, hear to their view point, give them the freedom and space that you expect from them (particularly married women) and never nag them.

When women treat men as equals, they develop confidence to sit down and talk, discuss and solve problems amicably, without any inhibitions or fear, instead of depending on others to guide them.

In India, women make the mistake of giving the husband divine status and expect he lives up to this perfection which is just impossible.

Add this to the fact that attraction comes from deep inside of us and we can never really consciously control who we’re attracted to, and you can easily see how there’s a lot of girls out there who seem to like being treated poorly. Society socializes them to be passive, to take on emotional duties that often make them feel like they’re being walked on.Women like men who respect them but they hate men who let themselves be walked on.

You first have to respect yourself. If you let a woman decide how you dress and what you eat you don’t win any points with her, she despises you for being weak.


If you listen to her and value her words she appreciates the respect you show her. If you change all of your views to be in line with what she says then she despises you as weak.

I won’t stop being a Platonic dualist just because some woman might not be one. If I abandoned Platonism five minutes into a conversation with a nihilist woman just to try to impress her she would only end up despising me as weak and pathetic.

Women like men who are stable and grounded in their own way and don’t bend or break for others. Women truly hate men who let themselves be molded into something different.

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