Five third-grade children at George-Sand High School in Crégy-lès-Meaux, France, were taken to hospital after being crushed and trampled by older students trying to recreate part of “Round 6” (“Squid Game”) in a corridor of the institution.

Students get injured in ‘Round 6’ ‘recreation’ in France
The news of the incident was given this Thursday, 21, by the European press, but it occurred on October 13th.

According to reports, the accident occurred at a crossroads between students.

The school announced that it had opened three processes for the expulsion of the adolescents responsible for the case.

Students are injured ‘recreating’ ‘Round 6’ in France
Credit: Reproduction
Students are injured ‘recreating’ ‘Round 6’ in France
UK teenagers are also trying to reproduce something similar to the South Korean series in real life. Through social networks, young people received an invitation to the real version of the competition.

To participate, it is necessary to pay 100 pounds (the equivalent of R$ 767, at the quotation this Tuesday, 19th) and can earn 10,000 pounds (or R$ 76,729.49).

Whoever wins gets the cash prize. The losers will be beaten and hit in the face with a compressed air gun with a lead projectile. Police investigate the competition.

“Round 6” (“Squid Game”) became an instant hit among viewers, not only in South Korea, but all over the world.

The South Korean series has already been seen in over 111 million homes in 25 days, making it the most successful series debut in Netflix history.

The plot tells the story of a group of people who have huge debts and live in situations of extreme difficulty in their personal lives.

Credit: Reproduction/Netflix
The “guests” can earn more than R$75,000… or get shot in the face
They receive a mysterious proposal to participate in a sequence of games, the winner of which will win a huge prize equivalent to R$208 million.

Below, watch the trailer.

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